Meta Quest 3 – Next Generation Virtual Reality Headset (VR)

Meta Quest 3 - the next generation Virtual Reality Headset (VR) - will be released in fall 2023. What stands out the most is its Mixed Reality (MR) technology.
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Meta has recently confirmed the launch of their next generation virtual reality (VR) headset Meta Quest 3. With higher resolution, better performance and groundbreaking Mixed Reality (MR) technology, this headset will take the immersive experience to new heights. In this blog post, we will explore Meta Quest 3 and compare it to its predecessors, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro.

Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 is a wireless all-in-one device that gives users an impressive VR experience without restrictive cables. The headset is equipped with the highest resolution to date and pancake optics, providing amazing visual quality and sharpness to take games and content to a new level. Quest 3 will also be the first headset to use Qualcomm’s next-generation Snapdragon chipset, which provides significantly improved graphical performance for smoother gameplay and incredibly detailed environments.

Cutting-edge Mixed Reality technology

What really makes Meta Quest 3 stand out is its Mixed Reality (MR) technology. By intelligently understanding and reacting to objects in the physical world, users can seamlessly blend their real environment with the virtual one. Using high definition color flow, innovative machine learning and spatial understanding*, users can interact with virtual content and the physical world at the same time. This opens up endless possibilities, from playing virtual board games at the kitchen table to creating a completely submerged virtual world that was previously unthinkable.

*Spatial understanding is about being able to perceive and process information about the space around us and the relationships between objects or places in it. This means being able to understand distances and directions and to visualize objects without seeing them physically. We use our spatial understanding on a daily basis, including for activities such as navigating, assembling or parking.

Meta Quest 3 – for a more comfortable gaming experience

The Quest 3 has been extensively redesigned from the Quest 2 to offer a sleeker and more comfortable design. With a 40% thinner profile and completely redesigned Touch controls, the headset offers an improved user experience. The new controllers are more ergonomic than the Touch Plus controllers for Quest 2, providing a more natural feel and better gaming experience. In addition, Meta Quest 3 supports both hand tracking and the Meta Quest Touch Pro Controller (the controller that comes with Meta Quest Pro). This is to provide different ways to interact with the virtual world.

Comparison with Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro

Meta Quest 3 takes the VR experience to new heights and offers many great new features. But it is also important to mention its predecessors, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro.

Meta Quest 2, launched in 2020, was a groundbreaking device that made VR, virtual reality, more accessible and affordable to the masses. The Quest 2 remains a great headset and is used by many. Quest 2 will continue to be available at a lower price while receiving a software upgrade for better performance. The software update that Meta is investing in makes us believe that Meta Quest 2 will be around for quite some time. The price of Meta Quest 2 was reduced immediately when Quest 3 was announced. There will be a clear difference in price between Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest 3. At least according to the information we have today.

Meta Quest Pro has its place in the market and we believe it will not be affected. Quest Pro is optimized for work-related purposes. Meta Quest Pro has features such as face and eye tracking for a more authentic experience during meetings and collaborations.


Meta Quest 3 opens the doors to a new era of virtual reality (VR). This powerful and versatile headset offers outstanding graphics, Mixed Reality (MR) technology and enhanced comfort to take users on an unforgettable VR journey. Meta Quest 2 continues to be an affordable entry into VR. Meta Quest Pro focuses on professional users. But it is the Meta Quest 3 headset that sets a new standard for VR and MR experiences. Stay tuned for the launch of Quest 3 later this year and explore a world of limitless possibilities.

For more information

What is the release date of Meta Quest 3? We don’t actually have a date yet. Our belief is that it will be in conjunction with Meta Connect on September 27-28. Meta has promised that they will talk more about Quest 3 there and then we will probably know the date as well. You can join us at Meta Connect on September 27. Then you’ll probably be the first to find out what date Meta will release Quest 3. Meta Connect also usually provides advance information on upcoming games, among other things. More information can be found here: Meta Connect

Will there be accessories for Meta Quest 3?

We can already reveal that there are accessories in the pipeline for Meta Quest 3. Our manufacturers are on the move and we are on the move. We want you to have access to everything you need as soon as possible and are working towards that goal.

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