Gorilla Tag – betting tips

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Even if the sun is shining today, there will be rainy days, days when you can stay inside and do what you love most. I’m talking about playing VR, of course. We wanted to share a good betting tip for these days and our betting tip is Gorilla Tag. Gorilla Tag is a great game to explore on rainy days, or indeed any day. We at VRGaming think it’s great fun and the fact that it’s suitable for all ages is an added bonus. This game tip is for those who play Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro or via Steam.

The Gorilla Tag game everyone is talking about

Right now there is one VR game that everyone is talking about and that is Gorilla Tag, a game available for Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro and via Steam. If you are looking for an adventure in a virtual jungle, this is the game for you. Gorilla Tag combines the thrill of parkour and the game of tag in an interactive and entertaining multiplayer experience. In Gorilla Tag you have to climb, run and jump to avoid being tagged by other players.

Easy, fun and challenging

Gorilla Tag is a game that is easy to learn and easy to play, but being easy to learn doesn’t make it any less fun, quite the opposite. It’s a challenging and fun multiplayer experience that keeps you on your toes. Using the hand controls of your VR headset, you control your gorilla and explore different environments. Each environment has its own unique characteristics that challenge you to master different movement techniques. Climb trees, go through obstacle courses and enjoy the slides on the mountain.

Infection and Hunt – two game modes

In Gorilla Tag there are two main game modes: Infection and Hunt. In Infection mode, a Lava Monkey chases the other players, the players who are caught turn into Lava Monkeys. The game ends when everyone has been caught so stay away, you’ll want the game to last a long time. In Hunt mode, you must capture a specific player while another player tries to capture you. IF you are caught (which you won’t be, right?) you turn into an Ice Monkey and have a slower movement speed.

Long Arm makes Gorilla Tag even more fun

To give you even more control and opportunity to explore the game world, Gorilla Tag also has an exciting feature called Long Arm. Using the Long Arm gives you extended arms in the game, giving you a longer reach to capture other players or climb hard-to-reach places. This further opens up new strategies and tactics in the pursuit of victory.

Enhance the gaming experience with the right VR accessories

To get a greater and more realistic experience, you can use special VR grips that not only in the game but also in real life give you longer arms and more reach. At VRGaming, there are a few to choose from. For Meta Quest 2 we have Beat Saber Grip and Fitness grips which are perfectly suited for the purpose and for Meta Quest Pro we have the Beat Saber Set and Fitness Set . These grips are not required to play the Long Arm feature but they make the experience so much more enjoyable.

Gorilla Tag – Betting tips worth testing

We at VRGaming think Gorilla Tag is a VR game well worth trying and we look forward to the rainy days. Enter the virtual jungle, hang out with your friends and meet new people. Experience the thrill and joy of being a Gorilla, climbing, running, jumping and above all having fun. Who doesn’t love playing tag?

Thanks for your time and attention, hope to see you out there in the jungle! 💙


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