Elitestrap (M1 Pro) vs. Halostrap (M2 Pro / M2)

Which headband should I choose?

Should I choose an elite stage or a halo stage, a BoboVR M1 Pro or an M2 Pro? Or maybe an M2 is the best for me?

If you’ve tried a halo stage or an elite stage before, it’s easy to decide which of BoboVR’s headbands is right for you. Then you simply start from what you like best, halostage or elite stage. However, for those who have previously only used the original strap that came with the Oculus Quest 2, knowing which is the best choice can be a little more difficult. We’ll try to give you a better chance of making a good decision based on your past experience.

Benefit from your experience

There is no way to say that one halostage and elite stage is better than the other. We are created differently and therefore different headbands suit us differently. It depends, among other things, on what kind of head shape you have, but above all, what you like best. For this reason, we can’t say which headband is right for you. What we can help you with is to explain how you can benefit from your own experience of the original belt and how you can make the right choice based on the original belt. The aim is to help you find the most comfortable headband possible and make a smart choice from an economic point of view.

To make it easier to follow the text, we start with very brief facts about each of BoboVR’s headbands, facts that are relevant to your choice:

  • BoboVR M2
    A halostage with no battery and no conversion capability
  • BoboVR M2 Pro
    A halostage with battery with conversion possibility
  • BoboVR M1
    An elite step with battery without conversion possibility

Pressure distribution M1 Pro vs M2 Pro

There is a big difference between the halostage and the elite stage. One difference that can lead you in the right direction when choosing between a halo and an elite stage; namely the pressure distribution.

Many people find the Oculus Quest 2 with the original strap to be a lot of pressure on the face and cheekbones. If you’re one of them, you’ll probably do best in a halostage. The advantage of a halostage like the Bobo VR M2 Pro or M2 is that it distributes the pressure on top of the forehead; unlike the M1 Pro and other elite stages that put a lot of pressure on the face. The M2 Pro and M2 can be adjusted at 5 points for the best fit and comfort. So if you find the pressure on your face is high, we recommend you try an M2 Pro or M2.

Smart and economical

BoboVR has developed a conversion kit for its BoboVR M2 Pro Halostrap headband. This conversion kit gives those who feel they are not quite happy with their M2 Pro the opportunity to convert it to an M1 Pro. For this reason, we recommend that anyone in doubt should choose a BoboVR M2 Pro and supplement with a conversion kit should the need arise. That way you don’t have to buy two complete headbands if you don’t like them. This conversion option is only available for BoboVR M2 Pro.

M2 and M2 Pro – the difference is endless playtime

The M2 and M2 Pro are the same type of headband and therefore similar in quality and construction, the difference is the built-in battery. This means that the M2 is a good choice for those who enjoy a halo stage and don’t need the extra playing time that the battery provides. For heavy gamers, the M2 Pro is the obvious choice, and if you add an extra battery, you’ll have virtually endless playing time.

Elitestrap – for those who like the pressure distribution of the original brake

The BoboVR M1 Pro is appreciated by many. We’re all made differently, and for many, the M1 Pro is the headband that best suits their head shape. Then there are some who prefer the pressure on the face/child’s legs to having the pressure distributed over the top of the forehead, it’s a matter of taste. Return to our tip here: Use your Oculus Quest 2 in its original form and see how it feels. Do you feel the pressure on your face/children’s legs is uncomfortable? If you don’t experience any problems with pressure, BoboVR’s is an elite, high-quality and secure grip. Which means that if you prefer an elite stairmaster, you’ll have a really good elite stairmaster in the M1 Pro. The disadvantage of the M1 Pro for first-time buyers is that there is no conversion option to the M1 Pro. Like the M2 Pro, the M1 Pro is equipped with a magnetic battery pack, which means extra playing time.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions: support@vrgaming.se