Elite Strap or Halo Strap for Meta Quest – how to choose the right headband?

Choosing the right headband for your Meta Quest can make a big difference in your VR experience. Here is a guide to help you make the right choice between the Halo Strap and the Elite Strap, whether you are using Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest 3. Good gaming comfort means more fun and longer gaming sessions, and we hope to help you find your favorite.

When faced with choosing a headband for your VR headset, it’s important to understand the differences between the two main types: the Elite Strap and the Halo Strap. The choice between the Elite Strap or Halo Strap for Meta Quest depends largely on personal preference and your previous experience with VR games.

Elite Strap and Halo Strap – what is the difference?

The Elite Strap, with its design that wraps the head more tightly and presses directly against the face and cheekbones, can offer a more stable experience for both Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3 players, especially during active gaming with rapid movements. This type of headband may be preferable for users who want a more secure fit to minimize movement of the headset during dynamic games.

On the other hand, a Halo Strap for Meta Quest 2 or Meta Quest 3 distributes pressure more around the forehead and less directly to the face, which can provide a more comfortable experience for prolonged use. This style may be more beneficial for those who experience discomfort from the pressure of a tighter headband, or for users who prefer a lighter feel during longer VR sessions.

Your previous experience with the original VR headset strap can also provide insights into what might be the best choice for you. If you have found that the original strap presses too much against your face, a Halo Strap may offer a more comfortable solution. Conversely, if you are looking for maximum stability and a tight fit for active gaming, an Elite Strap may be the way to go. The choice should be based on a combination of comfort, playing style and personal preferences to find the headband that best meets your needs.

For Meta Quest 2 Users

BoboVR M1 Plus: The Elite Strap that grows with you. – Elite Strap

With a focus on comfort and a lightweight design, the M1 Plus Elite Strap is a great choice for Meta Quest 2 players who value comfort and flexibility. The uniqueness of the BOBOVR Plus series is the ability to upgrade with a battery dock, allowing you to adapt the headband to your growing needs.

Lightweight and Durable: Weighs only 187 grams, with the side arms made from a strong and durable polymer material.

Comfort and Support: Greater flexible support at the back of the head compared to previous models, and the ability to lift the back section at a 120° angle for easier donning and doffing.

Customizable Comfort: Includes two different types of cushions (PU leather and silicone in Honeycomb format) to suit different preferences and activity levels.

BoboVR M2 Plus: Adaptable and Comfortable – Halo Strap

The BoboVR M2 Plus is a Halo Strap designed to offer flexibility and comfort for Meta Quest 2 users. Unlike the M2 Pro+, the M2 Plus does not include a built-in battery from the start. However, it is prepared for you to add a Battery Dock if needed. This makes the M2 Plus a great choice for users looking for a headband to grow with. You can let the headband grow and adapt over time.

Flexible and Comfortable: The M2 Plus has a flexible back panel for improved stability and comfort, as well as 6 adjustment points to suit different head sizes.

Customizable Pads: Choose between soft PU leather pads or new Honeycomb silicone pads depending on preference and activity.

Aesthetics and Quality: Continues BoboVR’s tradition of stylish design and high quality with soft, round shapes and carefully considered details.

BoboVR M2 Pro+: For Long and Comfortable Gaming Sessions – Halo Strap

The BoboVR M2 Pro+ takes comfort and convenience to the next level with its wide, flexible back cover and magnetic battery pack. This allows users to easily change the battery without having to pause the game, extending VR sessions without interruption.

Ergonomics and Comfort: The M2 Pro+ is designed to be comfortable and stable, with thick soft cushions and adjustment points. This is to avoid pressure on the face.

High Quality and Stylish Design: Made of robust polymer material with an aesthetic design that perfectly complements the Meta Quest 2.

Magnetic Battery: Includes a magnetic 5200mAh battery pack that is easy to change during play. The battery provides up to 3 extra hours of play.

For Meta Quest 3 Users

VRGaming Elite Strap for Meta Quest 3: For a comfortable gaming experience – Elite Strap

This ergonomically designed Elite Strap is tailor-made for the Meta Quest 3, with a focus on comfort and easy adjustability. It balances and equalizes the weight across the entire head, reducing pressure on the face and forehead for a more comfortable user experience.

Soft Headrest and Supportive Top Strap: Made of soft TPU material and equipped with a thick top strap. This is for optimal weight distribution and comfort during long periods of play.

BoboVR M3 Pro: Halo Strap with battery for maximum comfort and playtime – Halo Strap

For Meta Quest 3 users seeking a balance between convenience and uninterrupted playtime, we introduce the BoboVR M3 Pro. This Halo Strap with battery for Meta Quest 3 is designed to extend your VR sessions. This through a perfect mix of comfort and continuous power supply.

Even Distribution of Pressure: The M3 Pro reduces pressure on the face with its multi-point adjustability, resulting in long gaming sessions being more comfortable.

Magnetic Battery Solution: Includes an easily and quickly replaceable battery pack, ensuring gaming can continue without interruption. One battery is included, with the option to add another for even longer playtime.

BoboVR M3 Mini: Perfect for Active Gamers – Elite Strap

The BoboVR M3 Mini is designed to provide optimal comfort and stability for Meta Quest 3 users. This lightweight and compact Elite Strap is ideal for active VR gamers, with robust materials and flexible support for the back of the head.

Customizable Comfort: Comes with two different types of cushions (PU leather and Honeycomb silicone) for personalized comfort.

Improved Design: Solves the problem of pressure on the ears with a 15 degree bend design, ensuring comfort even during long gaming sessions.

ZyberVR Zero Battery: Extended Playtime with Comfort – Elite Strap

ZyberVR Zero is an Elite Strap for Meta Quest 3 with built-in, replaceable 6000mAh battery, designed for Meta Quest 3. It combines ergonomic design with extended battery life. This makes it a great choice for those looking for long and comfortable VR sessions.

Adjustable for Perfect Comfort: Wide adjustability to suit all head shapes and preferences. With side straps that can be folded up to 60° for easy loading and unloading.

If you still have questions and need more help in deciding which headband is right for you, we are here for you. Send an email to support@vrgaming.store and we will help you further.