Discover BoboVR A2 and A2 Air Headphones

Enjoy great sound without disturbing the peace of your home.

Discover the BoboVR A2 and A2 Air Headphones - Perfect headphones for Meta Quest 2 for an immersive VR experience.

Autumn is approaching and we are preparing for cozy moments indoors. For many of us, this means getting out our VR headsets and diving into exciting virtual worlds. But what happens when our playfulness interferes with our surroundings? Or perhaps even worse, when we are disturbed by ambient noise? The gaming experience can be great, but the sound of your VR game can be annoying to those sitting next to you and the sound of the TV can be annoying. Conflicts and tensions may arise. But don’t worry, there is a solution that not only preserves your peace of mind but also enhances your VR experience. The BoboVR A2 and A2 Air headphones for Meta Quest 2 allow you to play VR undisturbed and without disturbing others.

Why headphones? Aren’t there other ways?

Turning down the sound on your VR game is a solution for keeping the peace. Your surroundings can then go about their business undisturbed. But that solution can easily ruin the feeling of complete immersion for you while still being disturbed by ambient noise. With the BoboVR A2 and A2 Air headphones, you can improve sound quality and your gaming experience while avoiding disturbing your loved ones. Let’s take a closer look at the great features of these headphones and their differences.

The BoboVR A2 Headphones give you the best gaming experience with an outstanding sound experience.
BoboVR A2 Headphones for the best sound experience.

BoboVR A2 Headphones

The premium BoboVR A2 headphones are perfect for those looking for a truly immersive VR experience without disturbing your surroundings. The BoboVR A2 Headphones are compatible with Meta Quest 2 and fit most headbands on the market. They are of course suitable for BoboVR’s own headband but also for Meta’s official Elite Strap as well as many third party headbands.

Installation is easy thanks to the smart side-shift design.

Magnetic fasteners for quick changes

You can easily switch between small and large earmuffs depending on the situation. The smaller hoods are perfect for active gaming, while the larger ones wrap around the ears for extra comfort during quieter moments. The magnetic attachment makes switching between covers quick and easy.

Improved sound insulation and adaptability

The earmuffs are made of high quality protein leather and memory foam. This not only provides a comfortable fit but also effective sound insulation for a more immersive VR experience. The BoboVR A2 headphones are adjustable and have a 2 cm up and down adjustment and a 15° tilt adjustment for optimal comfort and fit. Sound is muted when you fold the headphones up over your ears, quickly making you ready to take a phone call or get ready for a conversation with someone in the room.

BoboVR A2 Headphones Offer Amazing Sound Quality

With a built-in power amplifier module and high-quality speakers, the BoboVR A2 headphones guarantee impressive sound quality. The four different sound effect modes – standard, bass, cinema and gaming – allow you to customize the sound to your taste and gaming experience.

BoboVR A2 Air - Headphones for Quest 2
BoboVR A2 Air for those who want a lighter model

BoboVR A2 Air Headphones

For those looking for a sleeker and lighter option, we have the BoboVR A2 Air headphones. These headphones retain many of the great features of the A2 model with some scaled down features to provide a more lightweight design.

Versatile Adaptation and Soundproofing

Like the A2 model, the A2 Air headphones have two sizes of ear cups and magnetic quick changes. They also have high quality sound insulation thanks to the soft and breathable materials of the ear defenders.

Adjustability for comfort

The BoboVR A2 Air headphones are equipped with a swivel arm that can be rotated 65° to fit perfectly on your headband. You can adjust the headphones up and down by 2 cm and tilt them 15° to find the most comfortable position. However, you can’t bribe your headphones by folding them up over your ear like you can with the A2.

Which Headphones Suit You

The difference between the BoboVR A2 and A2 Air headphones is that the A2 Air has a more minimalist design with some features stripped down. If you want a lighter option that still offers great sound quality and comfort, the A2 Air headphones are a great choice.

Create a Harmonious VR Experience with the BoboVR A2 and A2 Air Headphones

With the BoboVR A2 and A2 Air headphones, you can enjoy an immersive VR experience without disturbing your surroundings. Choose the model that suits your needs and give yourself the freedom to explore virtual worlds without worrying about sound conflicts. Create harmony in your home and lose yourself in the exciting VR experience.

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