Can you train with Meta Quest 3?

Working out with Meta Quest 3 is more than possible, it even takes exercise to a whole new level – imagine adventure meets exercise in your living room! This VR experience is far from being boring and repetitive. You can run through beautiful landscapes, take on sweaty challenges or unwind with calming meditations. This is not only a new way of exercising, it is also a complete change in the way we think about health and well-being. VRGaming would therefore like to show you the wide range of training apps for Meta Quest 3. We almost dare to say that there is a form of exercise for everyone. Join us in finding the most suitable form of exercise in the Meta Quest 3 apps and start training today.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is more than just a game; it’s a motion-based music experience that will have you dancing and sweating while chopping to the beat of the music with your sabers. The game challenges you to hit the cubes in the right direction and avoid traps, which requires precision, timing and a lot of physical activity. The music tracks are carefully composed to fit the handmade levels, creating a perfectly synchronized dance and exercise session. Beat Saber manages to combine intense exercise with pure gaming fun, thanks to its impressive sound and light effects that enhance every movement and hit.

Here you can find Beat Saber in Meta Store / Steam

Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip takes the concept of VR fitness to a new level by mixing elements from FPS games with physical exercises. The game offers an effective workout for legs and fitness. Furthermore, it provides an adrenaline-filled experience that makes you duck, dodge and move to the beat of the music. Pistol Whip is a perfect mix of action-packed entertainment and physical activity, where you can customize the difficulty level to match your fitness goals.

Here you can find Pistol Whip in Meta Store / Steam


Les Mills BODYCOMBAT brings the famous, high-energy, martial arts-inspired workout to the world of VR. Here you can enjoy, among other things, high-intensity workouts in dreamlike environments. The game offers a wide range of training plans, from beginner to advanced. This allows users to adapt their training to their own goals and abilities. BODYCOMBAT in VR allows you to experience the best of both worlds, on the one hand the traditional feel of a group exercise class and on the other hand the latest mixed reality technology.

Here you can find the Les Mills BODYCOMBAT in the Meta Store

The Thrill of the Fight

The Thrill of the Fight offers a realistic boxing simulator where every match is a test of your fitness and technique. The game requires a playing area of at least 2 x 2 meters. This gives you room to move and hit your opponents without encountering obstacles. With a series of unique challengers and a set of techniques to master, The Thrill of the Fight provides an authentic and physically demanding VR boxing experience.

Here you can find Pistol Whip in Meta Store / Steam


OhShape challenges you to move to the beat of the music while dodging, punching and posing to overcome various obstacles. Your space is transformed into a dance floor where every movement becomes part of the game. There are four levels of difficulty and the opportunity to compete against friends and family which means great opportunities. OhShape offers a fun and physically challenging experience that keeps you active and engaged.

Here you can find OhShape in Meta Store / Steam

In conclusion, the right training apps for Meta Quest 3 make training and exercise fun and effective. However, the apps we have shared here are only a fraction of what is available. If you can’t find a workout that suits you here, you’re sure to find one on META or on Steam. We at VRGaming hope that you will enjoy training with Meta Quest 3 as much as we do.