5 Best Mixed Reality games for Meta Quest 3

Discover the 5 best mixed reality games for Meta Quest 3 and experience a new dimension of gaming experiences. Discover a world where your gaming experiences go beyond the limits of what you previously thought possible. Here is a list of 5 games that take you into the fascinating world of Mixed Reality. A world where you are not just an observer but an active participant in each story.

Puzzling Places

Puzzling Places takes you on a journey to incredible and authentic places from around the world, transformed into 3D puzzles. Imagine exploring and assembling pieces of an old German castle, or putting together parts of a colorful Moroccan market. With each piece of the puzzle you add, you dive deeper into the history and essence of these places. You get to know their architecture and atmosphere in a way that photos or videos cannot convey. It is an interactive learning experience that celebrates the world’s cultural and geographical diversity. The technology allows you to feel closer and thus have a deeper connection to each unique destination you build.

You can find the game here: Puzzling Places

Drop Dead: The Cabin

In Drop Dead: The Cabin, you step into a world where every choice and every move can mean the difference between survival and destruction. This game takes the horror genre to new heights thanks to a story that is as captivating as it is terrifying. With MR technology, you don’t just feel the thrill of fighting zombies. You also experience the atmosphere and details of the surrounding world as if they were part of your own environment. Your living room becomes a forest glade, a deserted cottage, or a dark cellar, intensifying the tension and immersion many times over.

You can find the game here: Drop Dead: The Cabin

Gravity Sketch

With Gravity Sketch, you don’t just become an artist, you become an architect of your own dreams and visions. This tool allows you to sculpt, paint and build and only your imagination is the limit. Imagine designing a car that you can not only see on a screen, but also walk around. You can inspect it from all angles, and even change it in real time. Next, you can create a fantasy creature that you can watch grow and take shape before your eyes. Gravity Sketch turns these experiences into reality, giving new meaning to the concept of creative freedom.

You can find the game here: Gravity Sketch


LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT offers a training experience that far surpasses traditional training videos or classrooms. With MR, you’re thrown into a world where the workouts are dynamic, energetic, and tailored to you. You get real-time feedback, can adjust your position based on the instructors’ movements. So you feel part of a global community training together, it’s no longer just a workout. This is an immersive experience that motivates, engages and inspires an active and healthy life.

You can find the game here: LES MILLS BODYCOMBAT

Eleven Table Tennis

Eleven Table Tennis offers one of the most realistic table tennis experiences available in VR, and with mixed reality technology, this experience takes an even bigger step towards reality. When you play Eleven Table Tennis in an MR environment, it doesn’t feel like you’re just playing a game, it feels like you’re standing at a real table tennis table. The game utilizes the precision and responsiveness of MRI technology to capture your movement and technique with incredible accuracy. This gives you the feeling that your battles and tactical decisions have a direct impact on the game, just like in real life.

You can play against opponents from around the world or train against an AI to improve your skills. This game is not only a demonstration of the possibilities of VR technology but also proof of how mixed reality can bring elements of the physical world into your game room and create an immersive and authentic sports experience.

You can find the game here: Eleven Table Tennis

Meta Quest 3 opens the door to new worlds – visit them today!

Are these the 5 best Mixed Reality games for Meta Quest 3? These games are just the beginning of what Mixed Reality can offer you, and as you explore the possibilities, you may find other and better experiences. With Meta Quest 3, every game is a new world to explore, a new story to live and a new challenge to overcome. Step into these worlds and let them inspire, entertain and engage you in ways you’ve never experienced before.

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